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To the reader:

If you have registered a claim for property or believe that you may be entitled to property once owned by your family in the former East Germany, this International Property Restitution Web site may be of interest to you.

The process of real estate restitution in the former East Germany is very complex. We at Frenkiel International Inc. are experts in this field with years of experience behind us.

This Web site serves as an introduction to our firm and the services we provide. With connections here in the United States and abroad, Frenkiel International is able to supply our clients with the most comprehensive and thorough help in reclaiming lost or stolen property and in obtaining the highest possible price for marketable real estate.

We hope you find this Web site informative. If you have any specific questions, please call us at: 954.366.3277 to speak to one of our representatives, or to receive more information about the services we can provide you.


Ary Frenkiel

Frenkiel International specializes in restitution claims management. We are experts in:

  • historical research
  • documentation
  • legal representation
  • real estate marketing
  • building management

At Frenkiel International, caring professionals help clients reclaim assets confiscated by Nazi authorities before and during the Holocaust, and will help them through the sometimes difficult process.

The company deals with properties in the former East Germany, with an emphasis in East Berlin and the outlying areas. The relationships Frenkiel International Inc. maintains in Germany allows clients to maximize their options once the property is returned to them.

The first assessment is free of charge.

With it, the client receives a profile of the property, including photos, and a copy of a preliminary evaluation. Based on this information, the client can decide whether or not to pursue a claim.

If the claim is successful, Frenkiel International can provide full property management services and can arrange for clients to meet with architects and contractors in Berlin, should they so desire.

If a client wishes to sell the restituted property, Frenkiel International will market the property for the highest possible market value.

Frenkiel International Inc. is currently handling more than 400 restitution claims in real estate and looted art.

Requests for references are welcomed!

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